Leadership by Design

I am a mother.  I am a Father. I am a daughter.  I am a brother. I am a sister. I am a Director. I am a CEO.  I am a postal worker. I am a business owner. I am a janitor. I am unemployed.  I am a Customer Service Representative. I am a Librarian. Each person you encounter is a leader, or, a leader in the making.  There are certain qualities and characteristics required by a leader for influencing others in life and on the job.  Think about the son that you’re raising to be a powerful man, or about the daughter that you have such high hopes for, or, about the vision you have for your own life. While you focus on improving your leadership capabilities, recognize the opportunities that exist to develop the leader in those around you.  As a leader, it is your duty to provide those you lead with meaningful growth experiences.  In doing so, you will create an environment of highly engaged self-starters; and under this directive, people are more adept in aligning themselves with the overarching vision.  This is truly leading by disposition, NOT position. Leaders inspire change.  Leaders unlock potential and influence others to contribute the whole of themselves to the mission – heart, mind, body, and spirit.  Leaders are designed, not designated.  Listed below are the most valuable key leadership traits that one should focus on in order to enhance personal and professional performance.

A Leader by Design is:

“Leaders praise loudly and blame softly.” Catherine the Great
 Leaders have an enormous amount of energy and the ability to energize and invigorate others.  Great leaders think in terms of “we” instead of “you” and “I.”  A leader can quickly think on his or her feet and use wisdom to move in the most appropriate direction.  Good leaders roll up their sleeves, get in the trenches, and create a winning formula for success and powerful influence. 

    “Fear of ideas makes us impotent and ineffective.”  William O. Douglas

Leaders know that it is not enough just to gather good ideas, nor is it enough to repeat the same winning formula.  A true leader understands that new ways of doing and thinking should be implemented on a continual basis.  Fully engaged in the process of change, a leader answers the question: “How do we become known as the only ones to do what we do?,” and then focuses his/her efforts on transforming valuable ideas into a tangible reality.  Leaders stimulate and relish change.  They see change as an opportunity, not a threat, and move to action.

“Leadership is calculated risk-taking.” Ted Ward
 Leaders have the ability to see things as they should become.  A leader defines the direction, communicates the vision, and adequately enlists and delegates 

responsibilities in a way that will leverage current strengths and develop others.  In doing so, the leader has provided the mission and its cohorts with sound purpose and direction.                        

               “A leader is the one who climbs the tallest tree, surveys the entire 
                        situation, and yells, ‘wrong jungle!'” Steven Covey  

Until next time….Change your life, change your legacy!