The Perils of Self-Talk!

Fact: The average person speaks approximately 500 words per minute. 

Reality: Only 150 of those words are actually verbalized.  Oh the Perils of Self-talk!  Who is actually speaking to you in the depths of your mind?  Friends, relatives, colleagues, or, could you be the main culprit?  How many times have you rationalized against your true potential?  What does your inner critic say to you, about you?  You know, the one that says “I’m not good enough,” “They’re going to find out that I am fake,” “I don’t deserve success,” “I don’t have the confidence to pull this off successfully.”  What is your inner critic whispering to you???  Now think about all the times you gave someone else the power to determine your actions with their words, silent but obvious thoughts, the raise of an eyebrow, or a roll of the eyes. Enough already!  Release yourself from the tyranny!  Energy attracts like energy.  What you meditate on will come to pass; and if it does not harmonize with what you truly desire, whose fault is it?  Consider your thoughts, acknowledge your ways, and move!  Move forward despite the critical self-talk.  Move forward despite the glaring eyes of doubt.  Move forward despite visible and invisible barriers.  There will always be those, including yourself, that will try to talk you out of moving forward into the life you’ve always dreamed.  Potential must be realized.  Take the drivers seat in your life and proclaim your worth.  Live a life of expectation.  Expect your wildest dreams to come true!  Train your mind to see yourself living the life you dream by only speaking of those things you desire to see manifest.  Your thoughts, including your self-talk, produce your belief systems, which determines your emotions, directs the nature of your conversations, and ultimately dictates your actions.  So the old adage, “your past will dictate your future” is a misnomer.  The more appropriate statement is, “your thoughts will dictate your destiny.”  


From this day forward, begin to rewrite the story of your life.  Your life, your destiny, and your legacy are worth it!  Life is waiting for you to take the first step.  Go ahead and unselfishly step into the beginning of the rest of your life.

Until next time….Change your life, change your legacy!